Southwest Paper Stocks a Wide Range of Recycled Kraft products. These products are made from 100% recycled fiber. This type of paper is commonly used for wrapping, interleaving, or void fill. Our Recycled Kraft can be converted into rolls or sheets to fit your special application. GO GREEN!

Here is a list of standard size rolls with Southwest Paper part numbers:

Basis Weight

Width 30# 40# 50# 60# 70# 80# 90#
10 KR1030 KR1040 KR1050 KR1060 KR1070 KR1080 KR1090
12 KR1230 KR1240 KR1250 KR1260 KR1270 KR1280 KR1290
15 KR1530 KR1540 KR1550 KR1560 KR1570 KR1580 KR1590
18 KR1830 KR1840 KR1850 KR1860 KR1870 KR1880 KR1890
20 KR2030 KR2040 KR2050 KR2060 KR2070 KR2080 KR2090
24 KR2430 KR2440 KR2450 KR2460 KR2470 KR2480 KR2490
30 KR3030 KR3040 KR3050 KR3060 KR3070 KR3080 KR3090
36 KR3630 KR3640 KR3650 KR3660 KR3670 KR3680 KR3690
48 KR4830 KR4840 KR4850 KR4860 KR4870 KR4880 KR4890
54 KR5430 KR5440 KR5450 KR5460 KR5470 KR5480 KR5490
60 KR6030 KR6040 KR6050 KR6060 KR6070 KR6080 KR6090
66 KR6630 KR6640 KR6650 KR6660 KR6670 KR6680 KR6690
72 KR7230 KR7240 KR7250 KR7260 KR7270 KR7280 KR7290

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