At Southwest Paper, we pride ourselves on being able to provide innovative solutions through the ability to cut, wrap, package, and ship to meet the unique needs of our customers.

What is a Paper Converter?

The first step of converting paper is acquiring large mill rolls from paper producers. These rolls can be any one of the assorted paper grades we provide to our customers. Each grade has either a distinct basis weight or a range of basis weights. The basis weights of our recycled Kraft products, for example, range from 30# through 60#. The customer’s needs and application determine the proper grade and weight.

At this point, the appropriate mill rolls are taken out of inventory and set up for sheeting or rewinding. Southwest Paper has several machines that perform different tasks. Although some work in a similar manner, their output capacities vary.

Whether sheets or rolls, Southwest Paper has the capability to produce a variety of sizes. After production, the goods are packaged according to the customer’s request and are stored in our shipping warehouse.

Rewinding Capabilities:

Min/Max Unwind:

2″W – 84″W x 18″ Max Outside Diameter (No minimum OD)
4″W – 130″W x 60″ Max Outside Diameter (Minimum OD 20″)

Sheeting Capabilities:

Min/Max Sheet Size:

6″ x 6″ Minimum Sheet Size
72″ x 120′ Maximum Sheet Size

Sheets can be bulk packed on skids or case packed.

Printing Capabilities:

Our printing capabilities We can print with up to two colors with a random repeat pattern on just about any paper substrate available on our Felxographic printer. We print on these common paper substrates Kraft, Butcher paper, freezer paper, and poly-coated paper.

Your Label Program:

Going the Extra Mile For You

Southwest Paper supports distributors, retail outlets and e-commerce buyers by creating unique products to meet individual specifications.