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Southwest Paper is a proud partner of PackageAR

Learn more about PackageAR including how to become a partner just like Southwest Paper at PackageAR.net.

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Southwest Paper Believes in Family.

At Southwest Paper, we can make quick, solid decisions for our customers because we are family-owned, and it’s our tradition to treat our customers like family. When one of our customers need something, we stop everything to help, just like we’d do for a member of our family. We go above and beyond to take care of any issue that arises — immediately. We’ll even stop machines and push orders around to meet the needs of our customers as quickly as possible.

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Your needs are our top priority.

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Our product line consists of a variety of paper grades and basis weights we convert into counter rolls, and sheet paper products for the packaging industry.

Southwest Paper is a great source for an assortment of paper products. As a result of our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and diverse product lines, our customers consider us to be their true paper converter partner.

Our Featured Product

We take pride in the outstanding quality of our entire line of products, and here we’d like to showcase one of our best. Click play on the video below to find out more about FloorKeep, our durable Poly Coated Kraft paper designed to protect flooring from the wear and tear of moving or construction.

A True Exclusive Partnership

Our highly trained sales staff understands the industry and possesses the knowledge it takes to provide the right solutions to each individual customer. Our customers have direct access to top management. We travel with sales representatives and teach them how to sell paper to make sure their business grows.