Southwest Paper stocks many different basis weights of Poly Coated Kraft papers. Poly Coated Kraft provides the characteristics of regular kraft but the polypropylene and polyethylene coatings will provide the waterproofing you need for your application. We can provide this in sheets and rolls cut to the specifications of your customer. If you are in need of a paper used for some type of waterproofing application, give your sales representative a call and we can source the right product.

Here is a list of common stock sizes with Southwest Paper part numbers:

Width 50# 60# 70#
18 PBR1850 PBR1860 PBR1870
24 PBR2450 PBR2460 PBR2470
30 PBR3050 PBR3060 PBR3070
36 PBR3650 PBR3660 PBR3670
48 PBR4850 PBR4860 PBR4870

We can sheet Poly Coated Kraft for you. Also ask for Poly Coated Reinforced Paper. To get a quote, Click Here