Southwest Paper Stocks a wide Range of Grey Bogus Paper. Grey Bogus paper is composed of 100% recycled fibers. A large percentage of the fiber in Grey Bogus is made up of unused newspaper which gives it the grey characteristics. This sheet is extremely “fluffy” and provides and ideal solution for void fill. Grey Bogus has an elastic characteristic where the paper will expand back into position after it has been compressed. Common uses are void fill, wrapping, and agricultural uses. GO GREEN!

Here is a list of standard size rolls with Southwest Paper part numbers:

Basis Weight

Width 50# 60# 70#
10 BOG1050 BOG1060 BOG1070
12 BOG1250 BOG1260 BOG1270
15 BOG1550 BOG1560 BOG1570
18 BOG1850 BOG1860 BOG1870
20 BOG2050 BOG2060 BOG2070
24 BOG2450 BOG2460 BOG2470
30 BOG3050 BOG3060 BOG3070
36 BOG3650 BOG3660 BOG3670
48 BOG4850 BOG4860 BOG4870
60 BOG6050 BOG6060 BOG6070
72 BOG7250 BOG7260 BOG7270

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