Southwest Paper stocks a great brand of freezer wrap. This product is sold into many meat houses and processing plants for wrapping their brand of meat. They have entrusted Southwest Paper with our Freezer Wrap for many years and they are consistently asking for our quality product. Our Freezer wrap has one of the best folding characteristics in the market along with the best opacity to not only protect your food product, but make it extremely presentable to your customers. Although we offer our freezer wrap at a very competitive price, it will make your product look the best.

Here is a list of standard roll sizes with Southwest Paper part numbers:

Freezer Wrap

Width 900′ 1000′ Rls/Skid
12 FR124013 FR124015 50
15 FR154017 FR154019 50
18 FR184020 FR184022 50
24 FR244027 FR244030 50
30 FR304034 FR304038 25
36 FR364040 FR364045 25

Premium Freezer Wrap

Width 900′ 1000′ Rls/Skid
12 FP124514 FP124516 50
15 FP154518 FP154520 50
18 FP184521 FP184523 50
24 FP244528 FP244531 50
30 FP304535 FP304539 25
36 FP364542 FP364547 25

This premium product is boxed and poly wrapped to ensure the safety of this product during shipping. To get a quote, Click Here